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Founded in 2002, Aabies African Hair Braiding owes its emergence and existence to fate in this increasingly globalized  world. These days, time and geographical distances no longer constitute hindrances to cross-pollination of evens and happenings across the globe. The spread of the authentic and undiluted African Hair Braiding Styles in the United States of America is the avowed mission of Aabies African Hair Braiding. In a way. ' we bring Africa to America'. Thus, within its short period of existence, Aabies African Hair Braiding    has revolutionized African Hair braiding within the South Eastern part of the country - its catchment area for now.

There are only two African Hair Braiding outfits at present in this area :- Aabies African Hair Braiding and others. With a team of highly qualified and dedicated African Hair Braiders, we provide services exactly as it is done in  mother Africa.In the altruistic spirit of giving back to society we donate services like free hair dos to orphanages, back to school children and we also sponsor trips to important events.

Avail yourself of authentic, original and undiluted African Hair Braiding at Aabies African Hair Braiding.