Your home for excellent braids

Robin .J :
" You cannot beat a service that offers braiding up to midnight. When you go there, depending on type of braiding you choose, you may have two people braiding. This is really appreciable because I cannot wait for long time. And the staff at Aabies have great experience and do a great job ".

E. Johnson:
" I just got back to Charleston from Aabies on North Tryon St.. My parents stay in Charlotte and i've always heard the Aabies advertisements: micro braids for just $100. This was the first time i have had my hair braided.W hen I got there they took me to the hair room so I could select my hair; the hair was huge. I was shown the size of the braids and was told the price included hair. I was impressed with their price. I want human hair that I could curl. I had two braiders and I was back on the highway in 3 hours!!!!! Was I was there a girl came in with a coupon she printed from the website. I inquired a back the coupon because I wanted to know if I could get one. The coupon gave a gas discount for any people coming to Aabies from out of town. Though i dint know about the gas coupon, Mrs. Aabies printed a gas coupon for me n gave me $10 discount. I will definitely be coming back in two months. This place is awesome and they appreciate their customers ".

Louise Verinta:
" I just got my hair done at Aabies and I have to say that this was the best hair job I have ever gotten.
I always used to go to Bignon's and I can say that they were okay, but Aabies is AMAZING. The shop is beautiful and their service is great. They make you feel so comfortable, like you are at home. I would recommend Aabies to everyone ".